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Compact design for flexibility. Bringing you the finest drinking water dispensers, because we believe that providing pure filtered water, just where it’s needed, helps every individual to give their best. Hygienic and ergonomic, a machine that flourishes in all environments- from boardroom, sports hall and places of worship.

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The all in one domestic countertop dispenser replaces your kettle, filter jug & bottled water and is designed perfectly to fit on your worktop. Hot, cold or warm instantly available at the touch of button, no need to refil your machine, as it simply plumbs into your mains water supply.

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Bottled Water

Still using a bottled fed water dispenser? Look no further as we supply Pure, clean and great tasting bottled water. Our water is bottled at source ensuring your water has all the nutrients needed to help keep your body healthy and hydrated at all times.

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