Model: B14A –B Available in White
Price includes environmental surcharge.
Mounting: Floor
Cold Water: 0.8GAL of 50°F/HR(3.0L of 10°C)
Hot Water: 2GAL of 185°F/HR (7.5L of 85°C)
Dimensions: 12.3″W(313mm) X 12.7″D(323mm) X 37.9″H(963mm)
Weight: 32 lbs(16kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 12.5″W(320mm) X 12.9″D(330mm) X 38.5″H(980mm)
Shipping Weight: 20.1

* Cold and hot water : The above rates tested in ambient temperature-90°F(32°C),
Water inlet temperature -90°F(32°C).

CABINET: Top and front panels are molded of ABS and side panels are of electric zinccoated steels with High Polymer Polyester resin.

COLOR: Available in White, Dark Grey and Wine Red

TAPS: Durable polypropylene. Self closing type. Easy to operate.

DRIP RECEPTACLE: Concealed, liftout design, high impact, durable ABS.
Removable, anti-splash grid divets drip water into receptacle.

COLD WATER TANK: Hygienic stainless steel. External refrigerant evaporator. Mechanically wrapped around tank. Removable insulation in molded expanded bead polystyrene contaminant-resistant design. Adjustable cold water thermostat.

COLD WATER THERMOSTAT: Temperature is controlled to 35.6°F~53.6°F(2°C~12°C) by adjustable thermostat, easily accessible on back.

REFRIGERATION UNIT: Convection cooled condenser, internally spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubricant needed. Refrigerant is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube.

HOT WATER TANK: Hygienic stainless steel. Highly efficient internal heating element. Non-adjustable thermostat with manual reset safety limiter. Convenient hot water ON/OFF switch.
Fire proof insulation.

HOT WATER THERMOSTAT: Water temperature is controlled to nearly 185°F(85°) by automatic, ON/OFF switch is easily accessible on back.(Model B14A)

ELECTRICAL: 220V ~ 240V(±10%) 50/60Hz, 100V ~ 127V(±10%) 50/60Hz provided with power cord.
Units of other power supplies available upon special order.

QUALITY: Our models covered by these specifications are manufactured to comply with the standards of overseas quality program.


Manufacturer – Clover Company