Floor standing, Cold and Ambient Mains Watercooler.

Model: Fleet_CA
Price includes environmental surcharge.
Mounting: Floor
Electrical: 220V-240V 50Hz
Refrigerant: R-134a
Weight (Net) Kgs: 18.00
Weight incl. packaging (Gross) Kgs: 23.0
Dimensions – Height 113cm X Width 35cm X Depth 35cm

The Fleet Cold and Ambient Mains Watercooler features Direct chill, Ice bank technology and a revolutionary Direct Dispense system creating the Fleet Direct Dispense


  1. Direct chill cooling – the water passes through a sealed system with no air in it directly to the point of dispense. This means that aerobic bacteria cannot enter the system so it is more hygienic. Also because the water is dispensed under mains pressure, the filling point can be much higher than a traditional gravity fed cooler in which the cup must be placed below the level of the water reservoir.
  2. Ice bank cooling – the drinking water passes along a coiled copper tube which is immersed in a bath of chilled water/ice and is cooled “on the fly” as it passes through. This means that there is a non-stop flow of chilled water being dispensed. This gives it a much higher cooled water output than a traditional gravity fed reservoir cooler. We have tested it and found that it can give in excess of 25 litres of chilled water per hour.
  3. Solenoid valve control – the water dispense is controlled by electrical solenoids rather than mechanical taps. This means that the users hands do not come anywhere near the water being dispensed which is the case with traditional mechanical taps.
  4. Anti leak device – built in to the cooler is a third solenoid control on the input side which only opens when water is being dispensed. This means that whatever happens inside the cooler, it cannot leak because water will not pass into it except when water is being dispensed by a user, so any broken pipe or filter or connecting piece cannot result in a leak.
  5. Genuine ambient water – most traditional coolers draw ambient water from the upper part of the cold reservoir. This means that it is not really ambient but just slightly less cold than the chilled water. The Fleet cooler has a completely separate pipe system which leads the ambient water direct from the input through a second filter to the dispense point so it will be truly ambient temperature.
  6. No need for service engineer! – the Fleet cooler has a user changeable pair of filters inside it. The top opens up easily and the user can remove the 2 filters without needing any tools. The filter change kit also includes all of the water contact surfaces from the filters onwards which means that no other sanitisation of the cooler is required.