New contactless water dispensers available

BIBO Classic

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Your BIBO water dispenser delivers instant filtered, hot, chilled and ambient water. Stop boiling the kettle from stone cold! … BIBO is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient, saving you time and money! The all-in-one kitchen countertop dispenser replaces your kettle, filter jug & bottled water and is designed to fit perfectly on your worktop. Hot or cold water instantly available at the touch of a button! No need to refill your BIBO as it simply plumbs into your mains water supply. BIBO provides an affordable alternative to expensive under-counter, boiling & chilled tap systems.
The BIBO water dispenser is the result of innovation designed to provide you with the most refreshing supply of pure water available. Get rid of the nasties! … BIBO is a tabletop filtration system with ultra sophisticated, multi-stage carbon filtration and UV Lamp purification. Our customers tell us that they, their colleagues, family and kids all drink more water now they have the BIBO because it really does taste so good! BIBO retains the minerals in your water (that’s the good stuff), whilst filtering out contaminants. Say goodbye to harmful plastic bottles and hello to a more sustainable environment and lifestyle.
Some like it hot … Up to 98˚C hot! Cool as a cucumber … As low as 4˚C! Your BIBO. Your way. Personalisable settings for temperature, quantity and power. Powerful heating system … 1.25 litres of hot water instantly with super speedy re-boil. Instant access to 1.25 litres of ice cold water … re-chills in no time! Child lock feature to protect little hands. Forgetful? Don’t worry, your BIBO will remind you to change your filters and clean your hot tank.
A BIBO water dispenser for the home provides instant hot & cold water at the touch of a button. As well as a stylish addition to your kitchen, the BIBO is envrionmentally friendly and more importantly, provides great tasting, filtered water whenever you need it. Our customers tell us the BIBO has transformed the way they live with fresh water enjoyed throughout the family, replacing the need for a kettle, buying fizzy drinks and bottled water. The BIBO is even used for washing salad and cooking pasta! As well as enjoying great tasting hot and cold drinks, the BIBO helps to promote good habits with our users drinking and enjoying much more water and kickstarting a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s a chilled glass of cold water after a hard workout or a hot cup of tea to snuggle in for a winter movie, the BIBO always delivers great tasting filtered water in a matter of seconds. However, there is one note of caution we feel we must mention: the BIBO has been reported to cause kitchen envy in friends and family, so a purchase of the BIBO Classic or BIBO Bar does come with an envy warning!

Great tasting water every day

For most people in the UK drinking tap water is safe, because it is treated with chemicals like chlorine. However we all know it tastes pretty bad! Don’t compromise. The BIBO’s filtration system gets rid of chlorine as well as many other chemicals & contaminants – that’s what makes BIBO water taste so much better! Mmmmm delicious.

Easy for everyone

We know, for some people, lifting and re-filling a heavy kettle is difficult. The BIBO’s intuitive touch key interface makes it super easy for everyone to enjoy a lovely cup of tea or a delicious glass of chilled, filtered water.

The affordable alternative

Under counter boiling and chilled tap systems are expensive. For less than £500 the BIBO provides an affordable, high performing alternative that sits beautifully on your worktop, becoming the perfect domestic companion and your best office buddy.
Bottled water is becoming harder to justify. Not only is it environmentally unsound, it’s well known that plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water they carry. Until now, filter jugs have been your only alternative – a technology that is nearly 40 years old!
Why not take back the space in your fridge as well as choosing a more convenient way to boil water – all whilst enjoying a clean, pure, great taste! With multi-stage filtration including a silver impregnated carbon block and sophisticated UV filtration the BIBO removes the bad stuff from your water but keeps the natural essential minerals that are good for you! The BIBO helps boost your daily water consumption. The health benefits of keeping hydrated are well documented. Drinking quality water regularly can assist and aid:
Energy levels Productivity
Exercise efficiency & recovery Concentration
A strong immune systemHeadache prevention
Weight loss, mood & wellbeing Healthy hair & skin
  • State of the art touch panel interface
  • Simply connects to your mains water supply
  • Opt for installation by a BIBO technician or install it yourself
  • Instant hot water ... 98˚C max
  • Instant chilled water ... 4˚C min
  • Adjustable temperature settings for hot, chilled & ambient water
  • Programmable quantities feature
  • Multi-stage filtration - Carbon block filter & UV lamp
  • Energy saving adjustable power on/off and sleep modes
  • 12 Colours to choose from
  • 36cm H x 35cm D x 30cm W
  • Removeable drip tray